ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife

As I mentioned in a previous post I managed my own fantasy football team throughout the playoffs.  The online game had hundreds of thousands of participants so I wasn’t playing to win; I really just wanted to beat The Chef. 😉

Each week I had to put together a team with players from the remaining NFL playoff teams.  A team consisted of: two quarterbacks, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, one kicker and one defense.  There were stats and salaries to be mindful of but really you had to ensure the players that you picked not only did well individually but also as a team.  I also wanted adequate representation from both the NFC and AFC on my team.  Each week as teams lost and the race to the Super Bowl became more competitive, I got to tweak my fantasy roster as I saw fit…up until Championship Sunday.  As of Championship Sunday, the rosters were locked through the Super Bowl so I had to pick players I thought would make it to the big game.  Luckily, I’m a genius.  My final roster was composed of players from the black & gold and green & yellow.  GO STEELERS!  The Chef on the other hand voted for the Jets and therefore only had half of a roster active last Sunday.  I win!  (Yes, I say “voted for” instead of “picked” or “rooted for”.)

Ok, I lied; I had two objectives for this fantasy football game.

1)       Beat The Chef
2)       Do better than average (read: do better than most of the boys playing)

Look at my final score!  Not bad huh?!  Definitely better than average!

Last week, my work also had a Super Bowl themed game with prizes involved, called Super Bowl Squares.  I was out of the office battling the Migraine Monster so I’m not entirely sure of the rules or how the winners were determined.  Here’s my best guess…  In our kitchen there is a big grid; one axis for the Packers and the other for the Steelers and along each are numbers.  In the grid everyone had to put their initials in boxes; HR helped out those of us who were out of the office sick.  This apparently represented your best guess at what the score of the game would be at the end of each quarter.  I say apparently because all of the numbers are single digits so clearly there has to be some sort of multiplier involved although I don’t know the details (the rules are written right next to the grid, today I am lazy).

On Monday the winners were announced.  1st Quarter winner = $25 Visa gift card, 2nd Quarter = $50, 3rd Quarter = $75 and 4th Quarter/Game Score = $100.

Guess who won the $100?

I’ll accept my prize, mostly because I like prizes, but I accept it on behalf of the six-time Super Bowl champions not Brett Favre’s old team.  GO PACKERS STEELERS!

Isn’t it ironic…don’t you think?

PS – Part II of my Kaiser Half Race Recap is coming up!  If you didn’t catch Part I, you can read it here!

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