Tomales Bay

On Sunday The Chef and I went on a double date with some friends to Tomales Bay.  Tomales Bay is famous for their oysters and other shellfish.  I’ve eaten the superstar seafood before but never visited the actual source of the awesomeness.

We showed up in the early afternoon, around 2 PM, not realizing that the picnic area closes at 5 PM.  Not a problem!  We bent that rule and ended up leaving around 6 PM but when we got there we were overwhelmed by the unexpected crowd.  It was a gorgeous February day in Northern California and frankly we were tardy for the party!  I’m not sure why we were surprised the place was packed but luckily some ladies were leaving as we were arriving and offered us their table and BBQ spot.  Score!

Oyster Beds

We purchased 50 oysters for $48 dollars; not a bad deal at all for extremely fresh, locally farmed, delicious oysters for 4 people!  (Plus we had leftovers ;))  We also got some clams and mussels (pictured below).

We lined up our condiments.  The Chef actually made great cocktail and mignonette sauces but you’ll see that a bit later.

Then the shucking!  None of us own a fancy shucking device so we shucked old school, with screw drivers!  And by “we” I mean them.  I, for some reason, could not master the shuck.  One of our friends commented at one point that as the most fit person of the group, with the most stamina and I should surely be able to shuck an oyster!  I felt exactly the same way!  I reminded them however, that I while may be able to run around the area and pick up the oysters for hours, I clearly need to work on strength training because I couldn’t shuck for the life of me!

After some fresh oyster appetizers we got started on what was soon to be my new favorite dish!  Vegetable stew (prepped at home) in a tomato based broth and all we did was throw in some clams and mussels.  AWESOME!

We also got down on some BBQ’d oysters.  Oysters apparently open up all by themselves on the BBQ; this made it much easier for me to feed myself 😉

Gorgeous afternoon, wonderful company, amazing food…can’t wait to do it again!

(Please note the Giants “Beat LA” cup to my right ;))

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