Feelin’ the music

Everywhere you look these days people have cords hanging out of their ears.  It’s kind of odd to me actually.

Most people seem to have little to no awareness that the other humans around them exist.  Instead they are more plugged in to the electronic devices they have strapped to their person.

As you guys probably know by now, I prefer to read a book on my daily bus ride to and from work.  Yes, an actual book, with pages made out of paper and everything!  I’m behind the times, I know, and I’m okay with that, it’s nothing new to me.  I even still have a phone without email or the internet! 😉

Today however, I brought my iPod with me to work.  Typically I reserve my iPod solely for running and long drives in the car.  However, yesterday I heard a song I fell in love with years ago and apparently I felt the need to listen to the song over and over and over and over again (it’s still playing now on my iTunes as I write this).  If you’ve ever lived with me, you certainly understand this need I have and I apologize for all the song repeats I put you through, Nikki.

As I was waiting for the bus this morning, tapping my hands and feet to the beat of my song, trying not to bust out in any sort of uncoordinated dance moves, I started wondering…why aren’t all of these people with the cords hanging from their ears dancing!?

I’m not a dancer.  Trust me.  But as soon as I feel the grove, I can’t help myself.  (Maybe this is why I typically keep my iPod at home!)

Ellen understands.  She promotes dancing at her work!

It seems to me that everyone must be just trying to hold in their bursts of dance and song all day long and I say, let it go people, let it go!  Let’s just walk around singing and dancing to the music in our heads or iPods or whatever!  How much more fun would that be?!

A guy at my gym understands.  He rides the stationary bike and fist pumps the whole time to songs on his iPod.  He’s awesome.

The other day I got my air drums going on the treadmill and we had an odd at-the-gym-on-different-machines-air-jam-session.  It was awesome.

This is what’s been stuck in my head and on my iPod.  (Click on the Play button then just click on “Watch on YouTube”)

PS – I realize I owe you guys a weekly recap for my running last week; it’s on its way!  The running didn’t go so well so subconsciously I think I’ve been avoiding writing about it. Tomorrow, I promise.

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