Purple People Pleaser | Weekly Recap

OK, so here’s how it went down last week.

Monday – Wednesday = rest/too-much-work-to-run
Thursday = 6.5 miles
Friday = 6.5 miles
Saturday = rest-my-hangover-off
Sunday = 5.38 miles

Clearly last week didn’t go too well.  There were a million excuses reasons why: too much work, too little sleep, delicious wine, lack of motivation etc.  But I’m of the opinion that if you want to make something happen, you make it happen.  So these extremely valid reasons don’t really make up for any lost miles.  The very basic fact of the matter was that I prioritized other things over running last week…which is fine (I’m still trying to convince myself of this as I tend to be my toughest critic).

Regardless, I was beginning to feel pretty disappointed in myself towards the end of last week, but clearly not disappointed enough to hold off on the wine on Friday night. 😉  Hey, it’s been a rough couple of weeks!

After I finished Sunday’s run I contemplated walking around for a bit, keeping Gus running to add up some extra mileage.  I felt as if I’d sort of let you guys down by running so few miles for the week.  As I thought that idea through, it really felt like cheating to me.  These miles are supposed to be miles that I am running. Not miles that I walk around the block in circles for no reason other than to get a couple extra tenths of a mile in.

I then asked myself, who am I doing this for?


Not you!

Sorry, but it’s true and this is an important point.  And this goal is important to me.

If I cheat, I’m only cheating myself (PhD, I’d like to officially apologize, in writing, for the “money card” incident ;)).  This is something I think people don’t realize with healthy eating and exercise and so much more in life.  The motivation should really come from within and the stick-to-it-ness needs to be internally driven in my opinion.  All of our lives we are sort of taught to please other people: parents, teachers, bosses, significant others, the IRS, police 😉  I certainly have people-pleasing tendencies.  It can be difficult to learn to turn that switch off and just be honest with yourself.

So, honestly, I only ran 18.38 miles last week…and that is OK!  There was a lot going on with me last week and I have ALL year to do this.  I am also doing better already this week and have run about half last week’s total distance in just the past two days.

Thanks so much for joining me on this journey!  It’s already been an amazing learning experience for me and we’re only two months in!  How much are you running?!  Every mile counts…

Month Week Actual Miles Goal Miles
Jan 1/1 – 1/9 14.51 49.59
1/10 – 1/16 32.99 88.16
1/17 – 1/23 44.29 126.73
1/24 – 1/30 44.62 165.3
Goal Status Check 136.41 165.3
Feb 1/31 – 2/6 36.47 203.87
2/7 – 2/13 30.25 242.44
2/14 – 2/20 34.54 281.01
2/21 – 2/27 18.38 319.58
Goal Status Check 256.05 319.58
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