Cuttin’ the cord

Soooooooo our cable is officially discontinued, effective today.  Originally I think I told you guys that we would cancel it after the Super Bowl but at that point we’d already paid for service through March 2nd so we decided to just continue the service through that date.

There have been no immediate side effects.

Actually, I haven’t watched much TV at all the last couple of weeks; probably in subconscious preparation for today and I’ve been SUPER busy (and football season is over).  I’m also still obsessed with this song so I have been listening to more music lately.

It’s sort of like healthy eating.  If you remove the junk food from the house you crave it less because it’s not as easily accessible.  Surely you could walk to the store to buy a candy bar but eh, what a walk!  Not worth it.

Similarly, I know I have no TV option now so I’m tackling my to-do list, which is a million items long at this point in life.  I could probably go to a friend’s house or sports bar if I cared about the TV, but eh, what a walk!  Not worth it.

I think TV watching is so ingrained in our culture these days that most people don’t even realize the possibilities of productivity, mindfulness, or human interaction without it.  I’m certainly still one of those people!

I’m really excited for this next, “NO TV”, phase of life.  I’ll let you know how it goes and also how I feel about it as soon as baseball season starts and I can’t watch the Giants from my living room. 😉


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One Response to Cuttin’ the cord

  1. Sharon Craig says:

    I love reading these Blogs because it shows the transformation of a beautiful young lady to a beautiful and wise young woman!

    All my love,

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