Life & March Update

Hi Friends!

I’m going to leave you with an update and then I’m going to leave you again.  It’s not you, it’s me.  Life is swallowing me whole and I’m trying to take it one huge life transition at a time.

A couple of updates, explanations for my absence and a cliff hanger in hopes that you’ll check back in April when I’m up and running again, literally.

Over the past month I haven’t been running too much because I’ve had too much work and life to do.  I know…excuses, excuses.  The good news is that the rain has let up here; I quit my job and will have plenty of time to get back into The Park.

Don’t worry its all part of a plan.  There’s a plan and lists, tons of lists!  I like lists, lists and mail.  People don’t mail things enough these days!  I digress.

Behind the scenes here, we’ve been working on a move so…I have an awesome new job in Sacramento that I begin mid-April, same industry, new opportunities.  We are moving closer to my parents and in with my future in-laws for a bit to ease the transition.  If you need my new address to mail me things let me know 😉

I have to give back my work laptop this Friday which housed my running tracking spreadsheet; that’s now on an external hard drive until I settle in Sacramento and buy a new laptop.  Below is what I’ve accomplished since we last met.  I’ll be adding to this over the next couple of weeks and will post an updated monthly spreadsheet when I get settled in Sac.  See ya soon!

2/28 – 3.45 miles
3/1 – 3.85
3/2 – 3.26

3/5 – 7.64
3/6 – 6.40

3/12 – 9.11

3/15 – 3.01

Total – 36.72 miles

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