I have a problem with labels.

Designer labels are enticing.  Food labels are misleading.  Clothing labels make me itch.  The labels I have on jars in the pantry are falling off and last week, when I informed friends of my new plan to try not to eat animal, I was labeled.  Vegan.

I almost dove into the fridge for the first thing I could find that used to have a head.  Labels related to diet are so restrictive and often people automatically assume your dietary choices are solely related to your waistline. 

Right now my diet is animal free however I suspect a piece of cheesecake might find its way into my annual celebration of birth.  I believe cheese is its own, wonderfully delicious food group and I’d rather have Turducken over Tofurkey any day.  You see my friends, it is therefore impossible for me to commit to a life without blue cheese stuffed hamburgers.  I don’t want to be confined within the walls of veganism.   I do however believe the science behind The China Study and Forks over Knives and think that I’ve been conditioned by a meat-and-potatoes society to use animal protein as the star of my meals thereby consuming far too much than is necessary or healthy. 

Breakfasts are always some type of egg scramble, sandwich or omelet.  Lunch involves chicken sandwiches, soups or salads.  Dinner means placing a piece of fish or beef right in the middle of a plate of veggies, grains or pasta.  Try locating a meal without animal on the menu of one of your local restaurants.  I dare you.  (Remember, this means no dairy/butter or eggs too.)

I’ve decided to consume less animal for multiple reasons.  Decreased consumption of animal-based foods has been shown to improve health.  I don’t want to support factory farming through my purchase of the resulting products.  I like this planet; much more livable than other planets, so I want to make sure it’ll be here for my grandkids.  Broccoli is much more budget friendly than beef.  But that doesn’t mean I’ll never, ever have a taste of a grass-fed filet again.

I’m doing what works for me and if you want to call it something, let’s call it Veganish because if I have to choose a label, I’ll go with Michael Kors.

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