2011 Update | Races

Those of you paying close attention might already have noticed that the Races page of Balanced Footsteps has been updated. There are three updates to my 2011 racing schedule; here’s what’s going down…

1) I had planned to run a half marathon here in Sac, in March (River City Half Marathon), but the weather caused flooding on the course and my lazy legs weren’t entirely up for the challenge. Slippery roads and legs that aren’t ready for 13.1 miles usually make a painful combination so unfortunately, this is the only race that I now have a t-shirt for, but never completed.

2) I was also scheduled to run the second half of the San Francisco Marathon in July but somehow got talked into attending the annual Oregon Brewers Festival in Portland. Beer Festival vs. Half Marathon…hmmmm, what to do, what to do!? Two very attractive events with two very competing objectives. The Chef and I have a large group of friends that go to Portland every year and the last time we joined them was in 2006. Clearly too long ago.

3) To make up for the fact that I’ll be drinking a lot of delicious beer instead of running a half marathon at the end of July, I signed up for a different race in August. I’ll be running The Giant Race in SF which is also a half marathon that ends in AT&T Park. If there’s 100% chance that I may or may not run into Timmy AND get to finish on the field, I’m in!

So there you have it. Not as many races as 2010 but more than any year of my life before that! 😉

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