Thursday Thoughts

I had the most wonderful run through my new neighborhood this morning.  I’ll be honest, it has been very difficult to peel myself out of bed in the morning and get back into a regular running routine here in Sacramento.  You’ll see when I post my 2011 running tracker in the next week or so.  Eeeek!  My marathon training schedule technically began at the beginning of this month and I really can’t afford to wait much longer to dive into it.  I’ve even tried different motivational tactics over the last week or two in hopes of lighting the fire: printing and posting my running schedule, leaving my running clothes out the night before, setting the coffee to brew before I get up, reading up on strategies to STOP HITTING SNOOZE!  It finally all came together this morning and the spark has been lit again!  Don’t get me wrong, I always love running, but committing to a training plan, especially for a full marathon, requires more.

Running is like therapy for me.  I get to be alone with my breath and brain.  It’s like meditating only I’m not sitting on the floor with my legs crossed.  This morning the air was crisp, the sun was just waking up and the town was relatively quiet.  I couldn’t help but think of and appreciate some of the positive aspects of my new living situation.  It’s certainly not roses and sunshine all of the time (especially when your MIL accidentally washes a load of your whites in with her colors and somehow also dries a couple of running shirts that should have been hung dry, leaving you with some pinkish work blouses and teeny tiny running tops) buuuuuuuuuuut this morning…

I’m thankful for birds.  When The Chef and I went to Guatemala, I loved waking up to the unique sounds of the various birds in each region we visited.  You don’t hear birds much in the city.

I’m thankful for basketball hoops and neighborhood kids that still play outside together, absent of a scheduled “play-date”.

I’m thankful for kind suburbanites that greet you as you pass by.

I’m thankful that there is no homeowners association telling our neighbor they can’t have a lime green house.  Rock your lime green house!  (However, to the Dodgers fan down the street, I just heard you’ll have to take down that ridiculous blue and white flag outside of your garage.)

I’m thankful that I live in a neighborhood where people apparently feel safe enough to leave their cars parked in their driveways with the windows down. 

I’m thankful for Poquito Park, a little park created by the neighborhood on an unused piece of land.  It’s super cute, I’ll post pictures soon.

I’m thankful for a slower pace,

And for a MIL who always wants to help.

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One Response to Thursday Thoughts

  1. Sharon Craig says:

    I am soooo glad you are back blogging! You are an excellent writer and I am an excellent reader!

    Love and Hugs,

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