A Run to Remember

Dear Bethtober,

This morning you went for a run and as a result today has been a much more enjoyable, productive and fulfilling day than you have experienced in awhile; the fact that its Friday doesn’t hurt either. 😉 Your motivation has been lacking lately, so I’m writing this letter to you so that you can refer back in desperate times over the next four months and remember how much better you feel on days when you make running, and thus yourself, a priority.

Since you resisted the urge to snoooooooooze you had extra time after your run to eat breakfast and pack a healthy lunch for work. You made it to work over thirty minutes early (which not only looks great to the boss) but it gave you extra time to pay a couple bills, handle some arrangements for upcoming vacations and family get-togethers AND change your voter registration! You even did your hair before you left the house this morning which may not seem like a big deal to other people, but you have A LOT of hair and your confidence and comfort levels significantly increase when your hair is down and not pulled back wet, as you rush out the door. In a word, you tackled today, prepared and not caught in a hamster wheel.

Another word that describes you today, focused. Nothing quiets your mind like running. You have a chance to work through anything that might be bothering you, which at 6 AM usually isn’t much, and then you can soak in your surroundings. Your thoughts for the rest of the day seem to flow more consciously. The energy exerted during your morning run makes both your legs and thoughts, less jittery throughout the day.

I think people who don’t exercise regularly, often have the opinion that if they do, they’ll be left exhausted for the remainder of the day, and probably sore the next. First of all, there’s nothing wrong with sore muscles. In fact you should appreciate sore muscles! They allow you to remember that the muscle exists in the first place and encourage you to continue to strengthen it, after the pain subsides of course. 😉 And if anything, running energized you today! Somehow the early energy expenditure always results in a boost for the day, and better sleep. Ahhhhh sleepy time. Think of how delicious it will be tonight.

You know what else is delicious? Wine! The calories from the glasses you’ll have after work tonight almost don’t even count since you burned just as much if not more this morning. You know what else is delicious? Having the appetite and metabolism of a teenage boy, that’s what! Keep it up and you’ll be eating with reckless abandon before you know it.

And if you need a little nudge along the way, come back to these words, this feeling.

Yours Truly,

The glass-is-half-full gnome that sits on your left shoulder

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1 Response to A Run to Remember

  1. Ah, those people are so wrong. I’ve never felt better at work then after exercising. Scientifically it just makes sense, since your body is flooded with endorphins, but just as importantly, it gives you a chance to get outside, and calm your mind before you enter some office building were you are sitting down all day.

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