It’s supposed to be over one hundred degrees here today.  Luckily, in terms of weathering the heat, I spend the majority of my weekdays inside an air conditioned office, but this morning I was certainly racing the sun, literally. We both woke up during the same hour but by the time I had a cup of coffee and my shoes laced up, I noticed that the cool early morning breeze had disappeared and knew that it was only a matter of time before the sun would stretch its rays and beat me down into submission.   

As you all know by now, I haven’t been as diligent this month with sticking to my training schedule so I’m trying to ease myself back on track.  Luckily I got an email from the marathon organizers last week with a subject that read something along the lines of “Jump Start Your Training This Month”, so I don’t think I’m too far behind.

The plan was to tackle just three miles.  No big deal.  Well friends, it’s no big deal when it’s a breezy 65 degrees outside, almost 80 at 6:30 AM is a different story.  I opted for a no-iPod, thought-immersed run because I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, but the heat gods had other plans for my leisurely, little jog this morning.  I found myself running faster and faster, trying to ensure I could get the entire run in before the temperature increased even one more degree.  It felt great actually but it does have me mildly concerned for the rest of the training program this summer.  Double digit mileage runs do not couple well with triple digit temperatures…

The heat can be good for some things though.  I thought of some reasons why living in a blistering 100 degrees may not be an actual death sentence; running in it though is a different story.

  • It’s much easier to break a sweat, while not actually moving at all.  
  • Malls and movie theaters experience increased profits as Sacrament-o-ians scurry like cockroaches from one air conditioned environment to another. 
  • Air drying laundry takes just as much time as machine drying.  But be careful sequins or other shiny materials don’t cause clothing to spontaneously burst into flames.  
  • It’s a great excuse to adopt an all frozen food diet (popsicles!), or at least indulge in delicious cold, tomato-based soups like gazpacho.  (Recipe coming soon!)
  • I didn’t even need to blow dry my hair this morning.  I just shook my head back and forth like a maniac for five minutes.
  • It is acceptable to run across a stranger’s lawn if the sprinklers are on. 

PS – In other news, I plan to purchase a laptop sometime in the next week so you’ll soon see pictures back up on Balanced Footsteps aaaaaaaaaaand my 2011 running tracker!  I baked SIX loaves of delicious bread the other day so that will be the first picture-filled blog up once the investment has been made!

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