Double Digit Motivation

I knew I needed to get a long run in this weekend that was actually LONG so I did what anyone else in my shoes would have done.  I procrastinated all of Saturday and did not run one mile (thank you Women’s World Cup 2011!).  Instead I decided my time would be better spent, during half-times and in between innings of the Giants game, searching for motivation on my new laptop and stuffing my face with Afghan Bolani from the farmer’s market.  What?  I was carbo-loading!

Motivation manifests itself in different forms for me when it comes to running.  Sometimes it’s as easy as finding a new route to explore or compiling a new playlist.  Other times, it hides in the most unexpected places, like in the blog of a religious, Republican from Alaska.  Not that Sarah.  This one.  While we would probably disagree if we were discussing anything other than running, this girl can run!  Last year she completed twelve marathons in twelve months and frankly that’s not even her most impressive stat.  This year she’s already run over 1500 miles!  And it’s only July!  Don’t go back a post to double check where I’m at.  Yikes!  Anywho, she is super sarcastic, which I love, and super confident, which I appreciate.  It got me thinking, Bethtober, you need to just get out there and kick this run in the youknowwhat.  What are you so afraid of?!

I haven’t had a run with mileage in the double digits since my last half in February (if I’m remembering correctly).  I wasn’t really afraid of getting back up there but I was definitely having runner’s block for some reason.  My runs over the last couple months have been, for the most part, boring comfortable.  And that, I discovered, was exactly the problem.  Sometimes you don’t want to get up with your alarm but you just do it.  Sometimes you don’t want to run when you are still sore from your last time out but you just do it.  Sometimes you have to run longer than you ever have before because your training plan says so, just do it.  Over the last couple of months I had been living in accordance with another slogan, just say no. 

I’d talk myself out of early morning runs and back into bed.  I’d say no to my scheduled, longer mileage run and swap in a lighter mileage day, never seeming to get back to that longer run.  It was too hot.  I was too tired.  Why was I being such a weenie!? 

Well friends, it took a combination of recent events for me to realize that this was not the only area of my life in which I was being a big baby.  You know what feeling sorry for yourself or playing the victim card gets you?  Nothing.  Well that’s not even totally true; it gets you feeling sadder and more victimized.  I needed to take back the reigns.  I was done with convenient 3pointsomething mile jogs.

The perfect storm of motivation hit Sunday morning: new iPod playlist, cooler temperatures, favorite outfit to run in was clean, Team USA’s come-from-behind-win-after-being-down-a-player-for-more-than-half-the-game to beat Brazil AND the ref!  Plus, I was pumped after stalking reading about the amazing mileage racked up by my new favorite running blogger.  So in the spirit of keeping the motivation train fueled, I ran eleven one-mile loops around the fire station for a total of 11 miles!

Just kidding.  I only ran by the mustached men three times.

But I did complete 11.14 miles.  BOOM!

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