a Week in Review

This past week I…

Learned that acting like the victim in a situation renders you powerless.

Had a great long run.

Took my first (and second) ice bath.

Made “burgers” out of potatoes and cannellini beans.

Realized my running shoes have holes in them.

Heard from my nephew who is serving in Iraq and just started training for his first marathon!

Witnessed the end of a high speed chase that resulted in a car accident, guns pulled and an arrest!

Went to Lake Tahoe for a work conference…


(This was The Chef’s view. Mine looked beige and more like the inside of a hotel conference room Winking smile)

and I ran!



Actual Miles

Goal Miles


6/27 – 7/3



7/4 – 7/10



7/11 – 7/17



7/18 – 7/24  


7/25 – 7/31  


Goal Status Check



I didn’t run too many more miles than the previous week but I’m still pretty much on track as far as my marathon training schedule is concerned.  Because I took so much time off during our move, I’m trying to ease back in without over doing it and causing injury.  This has resulted in me running 2 or 3 shorter runs a week and a longer run which is now in the double digit mileage.  I’ll be continuing to ramp up and a little bit more quickly over the next couple weeks so stay tuned!  Later this week I’ll also post my complete training plan for the Chicago Marathon I’m running in October, more details on how I have been successfully ice bathing lately and some of my new favorite running accessories Smile

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2 Responses to a Week in Review

  1. The Nephew says:

    GO YOU …..sounds like a very busy week!

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