Taking My Own Advice

One of the nice things about having a blog is that it helps to keep you accountable.  How can you give advice to someone else and then not follow it yourself?  Turns out, it’s pretty easy to not walk your talk, unless of course you try to live congruently.  This means what you do or say fits your belief system; your thoughts, words and actions are in harmony.  Balanced.

PhD and his fiancée are each running their first marathon in September and recently came up against the 14 mile hurdle in their training plan.  When you train for your first marathon having run half marathons before, your first 14 mile run seems like it should be no problem, after all its just .9 miles more than you’ve ever run, and what’s .9 of a mile!?  That’s not even a WHOLE mile!  However, I’ve found it to be one of the hardest runs to get through, rivaled only by the longer runs that come later in the training schedule, and of course the actual marathon.  😉

After a phone call filled with my best pearls of wisdom for PhD I remember saying something along the lines of, even if you follow all of the advice I just gave you, sometimes you just have to push yourself through it.  Training for a marathon is NOT easy.  Running 14 miles isn’t easy!  That’s why only crazy people try to.  😉

Yesterday, I was one of those crazy people. 

By mile 10 I was over it.  It was hot.  I was thirsty.  I wanted to stop.  I craved an ice bath.  My stomach was growling.  My arm was chafing where my iPod was strapped and if I circled the firehouse one more time I’d reach stalker status.  I. Was. So. Close. To. Home…but so far away.  I couldn’t give PhD all of that great advice and then not even follow it myself!?  I couldn’t crap out.  I couldn’t.  (I’m also a teensy bit competitive.  Just a teensy bit.)

So I pushed myself through it, and finished just shy of 15 miles

Aaaaaaaaand there’s 100% chance I may or may not have rewarded myself with a piece of cheesecake topped with a chocolate truffle.  veganISH people.  There’s always room for cheesecake.  😉

Here’s what I did the rest of last week…

Monday 7/18:    3.30 miles
Wed 7/20:           4.40
Friday 7/22:        5.50
Saturday 7/23:   3.51
Sunday 7/24:      14.77



Actual Miles

Goal Miles


6/27 – 7/3



7/4 – 7/10



7/11 – 7/17



7/18 – 7/24



7/25 – 7/31  


Goal Status Check



PS – PhD is my younger brother for those of you new to the bloggy.  I’ll be adding a page up top soon that will list the cast of characters I commonly refer to here.  For their privacy and also because I don’t get anyone’s consent before telling stories 😉 I keep real names a secret.  I’m not a very good secret keeper though so don’t be surprised if I slip up now and then. 😉

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