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the good, the bad & the beard.

Hi Friends! How was your August?!  I can’t believe it’s almost September…and THAT means it’s almost BETHTOBER!  The bad news is…this year seems to be flying by BUT the good news is…it’s almost BETHTOBER! I actually have a lot of … Continue reading

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What a range of emotions I went through these past two months! I can’t do it. Yes, I can. I don’t want to do it. Yes, I do.  It’ll be great for me professionally and personally.  Besides, I have to … Continue reading

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Long Run 101

This morning I set out to tackle 18 miles.  Long runs are not the same as short runs.  They are longer.  Much, much longer. Long runs require more endurance, more fuel, more lube, and more time.  Unlike a shorter run, … Continue reading

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one foot in front of the other

I’m still alive.  Barely.  If you don’t hear from me next week, send help. I have a long list of things stressing me out right now so I’m trying to tackle them in order of most time sensitive to least.  … Continue reading

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Chafing 101

Last year I ran the second half of the San Francisco Marathon in July, three months before my first marathon.  The SF Marathon is a great race, not only because they post entertaining trivia questions along the scenic route, but … Continue reading

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You know you’re a runner when…

Breakfast on a Sunday consists of coffee and Gu. You take a perfectly good shirt and cut it into a tang top an arm shirt because its 90 degrees outside and you have to get your run in. Post-run you soak … Continue reading

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More on Minimalists…

Ironically, a day or so after my last post about my transition to much more minimalist shoes, I received an email with some tips (from a recent ChiRunning Newsletter) “for avoiding the overuse injuries that can plague minimalist or barefoot … Continue reading

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