Learning more everyday!

Today I learned that when I feel out of control, I have a tendency to react in one of two opposing manners: 1) by controlling one single thing that is within my realm, almost to the point of eyeball popping strangulation or 2) withdrawing from pretty much everything completely.  Healthy, huh!?  😉  I’ve probably known this for quite some time but now I find that at this point in my life I’m much more in tune with my feelings, thus able to recognize the behaviors and redirect the energy quicker than ever before.  Still, the lesson made for a contemplative, quiet, four mile run this morning.

I also learned this morning that when you are starting to use new running shoes, you should probably alternate between the old and new pair before completely making the switch.  I did this with my last pair and didn’t experience any transition pains.  This time I got distracted by the cuteness of the new shoes and my dogs are barkin’ now!  (Either that or it’s time to go back on strike!)  After reading Born to Run, I became convinced modern running shoes are doing our feet and bodies more harm than good and I wanted to try barefoot running or at least the finger-toe shoes.  Barefoot running on the streets of SF was out of the question as I’d prefer not to step on a hypodermic or homeless drunk person’s pee and so too were the finger-toe shoes I learned.  Apparently if you have princess toes of a certain length, finger-toe shoes won’t work out so well, so I run in very light-weight, minimalist shoes.  I kept my custom-insoles in my old pair but am now trying to transition to a new pair (these) AND without the insoles.

What?  You don’t know what “princess toes” are?  Now it’s time for you to learn something!  Princess toes are when your second toe is longer than your first “BIG” toe.  In order to comfortably wear finger-toe shoes it is recommended that your second, cute, Princess toe be no more than 1/6 of an inch longer than your BIG toe.  I must really be a princess because my second toe really won’t make that cut.  And yes, I’m serious; this is what it’s called.  Ask my Dadtober.  😉 

In Portland I learned that locals wear finger-toe shoes EVERYWHERE.  The Chef and I went to Portland this past weekend for the annual beer festival and at a bar one night I realized there was more than just Birkenstocks and TEVAs on the dance floor.  Seriously.  I’m not sure if I snapped a picture to share with you but I did take 182 others so stay tuned, I’ll post some later this week!

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