Odds & Ends

I’m back!  I had so many random thoughts running around in my head this morning I decided that another blog post before the weekend was necessary!  Necessary for me, maybe useless for you; but hopefully entertaining nonetheless!

I discovered this blog this morning.  http://inoveryourhead.net/  Brilliant.  

Do you know what it’s like to pee after taking your vitamins with a lunch that included asparagus and beets?  I do.

I keep a bottle of tapatio in my desk at work.

 If the Director of IT at your workplace is also the commissioner of your fantasy football league, and he sends out emails and schedules meetings to figure out the draft order during work hours, can you really get in trouble for logging in to check your facebook from time to time?

I had so much fun in SF this past weekend that my voice is just now starting to return.  Based on the reaction in Sac, I’m going to guestimate that it may be socially unacceptable to lose your voice as an adult from too much fun.  Everyone thought I was sick.  I corrected them.  😉

Do you know what happens when your public speaking event goes well?  MORE public speaking!  yikes.

I roll a tennis ball up and down the bottoms of my feet while sitting at my desk at work.

I learned a new fun word today: automagically. 

I prefer most leftovers cold.

We’ve been living in Sac for a little over 4 months now and while visiting SF last weekend I had a revelation.  When we moved, I thought I’d miss the park, the restaurants, easily accessible (and entertaining) public transportation etc.  I was wrong.  What makes SF so great, what I miss so much, I realized, is the people.  All of them.  Our friends, the bus drivers, the hippie hill hipsters, The Chef’s homeless friend Eddie who lives in our old neighborhood, the servers in restaurants (so much nicer by the way in SF than Sac), etc.  everyone.is.awesome.  I wanted to do nothing more really than spend time with our friends and amongst the amazingly diverse, energetic people of SF.  Plus I gave Brian Wilson a high-five.  That was fun too. 😉

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