PT Visit #2 | The Prescription

It’s official, I’m injured.

My PT made me run during the appointment today so he could check me out my form.

“Spot on.”

My PT’s been a ChiRunning instructor for over 6 years.  My running form is apparently, “perfect”.  Mmmm, my favorite word.  😉

That’s the good news.  Actually, that’s the GREAT news!

The bad news is that this means my knee pain is likely stemming from an actual injury instead of just prolonged running with incorrect form.  I can still run the Chicago Marathon in 3 ½ WEEKS!  But the pressure is on my PT to try to fix what’s busted, since he doesn’t really need to work with me on improving my form; he said so himself.

He wrote me the following prescription for the next week…

1.  Do NOT run over 10 miles.

This puts a kink in my training plan since I haven’t actually even gone over 15 yet and THAT run was over a month ago; 20 was on the schedule for this weekend.  This does not concern my PT apparently, also a 5-time marathoner.  The plan is to try to rehab as much as possible in the next week and half, attempt the 20-miler on 9/24 or 9/25 and do a 2 week taper instead of 3.

2.  Do not run “junk” miles and run in 1 mile out-and-back increments.

This basically means as soon as I start to feel any knee pain, I have to stop running.  The knee pain usually begins after 7 – 8 miles, sometimes a little bit sooner.  But for the next week or so, as soon as I feel pain, I’m done and should walk the rest of the distance home.  This is why the out-and-backs are limited to one milers.  My PT doesn’t want me to have to walk more than a mile, once the knee pain begins.  So I have to run one mile away from my house, and a mile back; another mile away, and the next mile back…for as many miles as I want to run, until I feel pain, but not exceeding 10 miles.  Got all that?

3.  No iPod.

I typically only run with music during my long runs now but my PT doesn’t want me to at all so that I can listen to my feet.  I told him they’re not great conversationalists; I got a sympathy laugh.  😉  He watched me run today during the appointment, but only around in circles, in a parking lot, for about 5 minutes.  It’s easy to keep up correct form for 5 minutes.  The goal here is for me to focus on my form throughout my entire run and when it slips, you can hear it.  It sounds like pounding, slipping or skidding.

Additionally, I’m supposed to keep up the yoga and strength exercises we went over last week and check back next week; same bat time, same bat channel. 

Worst case scenario he’s going to hook me up with that fancy tape that the women beach volleyball players wear and show me how to correctly tape my legs for race day.  It won’t turn me into Kerri Walsh but it should do the trick if I need it to. 

I’m still hoping I won’t need it to.

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