I have kind of a random post today – three things I’d like to share.

1)      As you know, I’ve been experiencing some knee issues during this summer’s training for my upcoming Chicago marathon.  PhD and his fiancée recently completed their first marathon – WOOHOO, GREAT JOB GUYS!  He also had problems with his knees and forwarded me a resource that he attests is the reason he was able to get through all 26.2 miles.  I looked through some of the exercises and it seems pretty similar to what my physical therapist and I work on weekly, except this is accessible online, anytime you want and for free!  I’ll definitely be implementing the MWOD that PhD forwarded into my training for the next couple of weeks and beyond, so I thought I’d share.  Here is the link and a blurb below from the website to help clarify what I’m talking about.

One year ago Kelly Starrett, DPT and co-owner of CrossFit San Francisco, set out to record a year’s worth of near daily video blogs. Starrett (probably the strongest, most supple finisher ever in the history of the Quad Dipsea trail ultra), in developing an immeasurable bank vault of mobility exercises valuable for runners, not only provides the how but the why. A runner committing 10 minutes a day to Starrett’s “Mobility Workout of the Day,” or MWOD, is destined to bound away with some impressive understanding of mobility, tissue health and how it all ties into unleashing great performance.

2)      If Fantasy Football (FFB) points were awarded based on how much you like watching the sport then I’d be doing waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better in my league.  Apparently you need to know, research, and stay on top of: player stats, team composition, injury reports, game schedules etc.  It’s exhausting – and addicting!  This requires you to know much, much more than just who the quarterback of any given team is and the star receiver he throws to, who happens to also be dating a reality TV star.  With Aaron Rodgers as my FFB team’s quarterback I thought I’d be talking a bunch of smack to the boys around the office at this point in the season but no.  No, I currently hold 10th place…out of 10 teams.  My worst fear realized.  I finally get to play FFB and I stink, in a league full of boys no less.  Competitive, Bethtober?  Yes.  Very.

But don’t worry, I have a plan.  I made 4 trades early in the week, snagged Cam Newton for some negotiating power and have an ace in my hand.  I was just bluffing the first two weeks.

PS – Momma, you better tell your boy, I don’t care if he won Dancing with the Stars and that he’s 74 years old in football years, he needs to come up with a couple TDs and some long receiving yardage from Big Ben this Sunday!  😉

3)      Lastly, I need some advice.  The tenant that used to live in the house we just moved into in Sacramento had cats.  Not only did she own cats but she was also like a cat-lady foster mom and took care of strays in the area.  She lived there for 9 years.  Houston, we have a cat problem! 

The Chef and I are not really huge fans of the felines, for different reasons.  His is medical, he’s allergic.  There are a couple of strays that still wander the yard and our new neighborhood but that’s not my problem, those I can chase away with rocks.  Kidding PETA, kidding! (sort of)  My problem is that CAThy (seriously her name, but maybe she doesn’t spell it like that) comes a couple times a week, sits in the neighboring backyard, which is essentially RIGHT NEXT TO MY GARAGE, and feeds the strays.  This a) freaks me out when I pull into the driveway and unexpectedly see a human out of my peripheral, b) continues to keep the strays around which really isn’t my goal and c) makes me wonder if the landlord changed the locks and if maybe CAThy still has keys to the house she lived in for 9 years. 

Most people I tell this to understand and sympathize with my concerns, others (very few of them, mostly just The Chef) think I’m overreacting.  So I ask you…rational to not want crazy CAThy in my backyard feeding animals that my fiancé is allergic to, don’t belong to either of us, are not wanted in the general area AND poop on my lawn, or irrational to deny crazy CAThy access to her beloved calicoes?

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