I’m baaaaaaaaaack…

…and I’ve mastered the snot rocket!

I’ve never been one to blow my nose into the wind while running; afraid of residual and uncontrollable spraying, I’ve left the art to my Dadtober and brothers to perfect. Instead I would use my shirt as a Kleenex, much classier and much more effective, as long as you don’t mind exposing your midsection momentarily and the inkblot-like wet marks left over. However, a couple weekends ago, I went out for my first double digit mileage run since the Chicago Marathon and I found myself with no other option but to experiment with alternative, nasal clearing methods.

I set out on my new favorite running trail, motivated to destroy 10 miles of it, water bottle in hand and a gorgeous 65 degree WINTER day in Sacramento as my backdrop. I’d been fighting a mild cold and a couple miles into the run, wiping my nose with my sleeve was becoming a nuisance. I couldn’t really blow my nose on my shirt because one of my hands was occupied carrying my water and I certainly wasn’t going to stop just for a little snot. So I went for it. The first couple times were not successful. I blew snot on my hand, my face, the guy next to me, and sometimes nothing came out at all. But I’m not a quitter! Time and time again I’d take a quick glance behind me in both directions to make sure I wasn’t going to shower anyone unexpectedly, close one nostril with my finger, face the side of the open nostril and let it rip.

To say I was proud of myself would be an understatement. I declared my success to The Chef immediately upon my return home. I’m not sure he shared the same level of excitement but he faked it which was good enough for me.  🙂

The 10 mile run was successful as well. 😉

2012 has started off very well as far as my running is concerned. I realize this isn’t the typical 2011 recap or 2012 goal setting blog post that you see around the interweb these days but don’t worry those posts are coming and here’s a little teaser…

I didn’t hit 2011 miles in 2011 (obviously!) but I did learn A LOT about my running patterns and will be using those lessons to help set 2012 goals. In addition to working on balancing out my weekly mileage in 2012, I’ll also be trying to be more consistent with my blogging. 2011 was certainly a year of change for me and The Chef; 2012 will be about growth. Growth and half marathons. No big Bethtober marathon for me this year. I’m turning 30 years young this Bethtober which will be BIG enough! Check out the updated Races page to see what I’ve already got lined up for 2012 so far.

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1 Response to I’m baaaaaaaaaack…

  1. The Nephew says:

    Snot rockets require patience much and lots of practice! I still mess mine up on occasion lol

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