2011 | time to face the music.

Alright, I’m ready to stop pouting and talk about it now.  It’s no one’s fault but my own, although I’m sure I can think of lots of excuses to make the sting of disappointment more bearable.  It was a lofty goal to begin with, probably out of the realm of possible for me last year, which is to say, very frankly, I just didn’t put the necessary time and energy in to run 2011 miles in 2011.  There were even weeks that I didn’t run at all!  I know; I was surprised too!  NINE of them.  It’s amazing how much more difficult it is to trick yourself into thinking you’re an awesome runner when you record your actual mileage.  I wasn’t even close!  I ran approximately 722 miles in 2011.  I’ll leave off the .16 because really? does 722.16 miles sound any better?  Plus I estimated my mileage in Bethtober, didn’t record it, because as the alcohol consumption celebrating increased, focus and attention to detail decreased. 

But now I know where I stand. 

This was the first year I’ve ever tracked my mileage and it proved to be a very useful tool.  I have a benchmark and tangible results to base 2012 goals off of.  Soooooo here they are:

  1. Run over 1,000 miles
  2. Don’t have ANY weeks with zero mileage (or zero blog posts)
  3. PR the Half

722 miles is an average of about 2 miles per day which means I still did better than everyone who sat on their couch all year, woohoo!  😉  In all seriousness, I did accomplish some awesome things on two legs last year:

  1. Completed my 2nd FULL marathon (also my 1st race in state other than CA)
  2. Crossed the finish line of a half marathon in AT&T Park and gave Brian Wilson a high-five on the way there!
  3. Finally broke 2 hours, WITH a potty break!!

So far I’ve logged about 66 miles in 2012 and have been incorporating a lot more yoga into my training. This year I won’t be focusing on a full marathon; my aim is to be more consistent from week to week, and fast, very, very fast!  I’ll be back with a full update on the first miles of 2012 in the next week or two.

PS – Look Dadtober!  Lists of 3! 😉

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One Response to 2011 | time to face the music.

  1. Erica says:

    I’m so proud of ALL that you are! Thank you for being my friend.

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