This week’s runs were tough.  I’m not entirely sure why but they all started out the same way…sloooooooooow and uninspired.  They felt more like items on my to-do list that needed to be crossed off than the usual welcomed part of my day where I get to escape into the jungle of my brain, race joggers who don’t know we’re racing and push my lungs to the limit.  No, this week I felt like a turtle with three legs trying to run in quicksand; three legs that each weighed four hundred pounds.

The Karen Queally pep talk used to work on its own but it hasn’t been cutting it lately so I’ve come up with some other mind games to play on myself.  I should have majored in mind games.  I needed a lot of help getting started this week so I tried to remind myself of the usual self-motivating facts – that I’ve never regretted going on a run and I always feel better afterwards.

Sometimes this works and other times I need to bring in the reserves.

I bought these compression socks a couple of weeks ago to help with recovery.  I decided to run in them one day, mostly because they’re super cute and HOT PINK! and I’ve since convinced myself that I’m faster when I run with them on.  Plus they make me feel like Shalane.

According to the science behind the socks, it’s still up in the air whether they actually impact performance or if the PRs are due to a placebo effect.  Whether it’s the perceived improvement in execution or the cuteness factor, they work!

My other “go-to” is the rule of half.  I tell myself that I just have to get out there and if I don’t want to run the entire planned mileage, no worries, I just have to run half.  Half always seems much more manageable.  I end up completing more than half, if not the entire planned distance, every time.

And yes, every clock in my house is set five minutes fast to trick myself into always being early.

For the record…it doesn’t work.

But the running tricks do! 10 miles today, 20 miles this week, soccer tomorrow!  Here’s how February has been so far…

Month Week Miles
Feb 1/30 – 2/5 24.2
2/6 – 2/12 16.13
2/13 – 2/19 24.63
2/20 – 2/26 20
Total 84.96
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