PT Visit #2 | The Prescription

It’s official, I’m injured.

My PT made me run during the appointment today so he could check me out my form.

“Spot on.”

My PT’s been a ChiRunning instructor for over 6 years.  My running form is apparently, “perfect”.  Mmmm, my favorite word.  😉

That’s the good news.  Actually, that’s the GREAT news!

The bad news is that this means my knee pain is likely stemming from an actual injury instead of just prolonged running with incorrect form.  I can still run the Chicago Marathon in 3 ½ WEEKS!  But the pressure is on my PT to try to fix what’s busted, since he doesn’t really need to work with me on improving my form; he said so himself.

He wrote me the following prescription for the next week…

1.  Do NOT run over 10 miles.

This puts a kink in my training plan since I haven’t actually even gone over 15 yet and THAT run was over a month ago; 20 was on the schedule for this weekend.  This does not concern my PT apparently, also a 5-time marathoner.  The plan is to try to rehab as much as possible in the next week and half, attempt the 20-miler on 9/24 or 9/25 and do a 2 week taper instead of 3.

2.  Do not run “junk” miles and run in 1 mile out-and-back increments.

This basically means as soon as I start to feel any knee pain, I have to stop running.  The knee pain usually begins after 7 – 8 miles, sometimes a little bit sooner.  But for the next week or so, as soon as I feel pain, I’m done and should walk the rest of the distance home.  This is why the out-and-backs are limited to one milers.  My PT doesn’t want me to have to walk more than a mile, once the knee pain begins.  So I have to run one mile away from my house, and a mile back; another mile away, and the next mile back…for as many miles as I want to run, until I feel pain, but not exceeding 10 miles.  Got all that?

3.  No iPod.

I typically only run with music during my long runs now but my PT doesn’t want me to at all so that I can listen to my feet.  I told him they’re not great conversationalists; I got a sympathy laugh.  😉  He watched me run today during the appointment, but only around in circles, in a parking lot, for about 5 minutes.  It’s easy to keep up correct form for 5 minutes.  The goal here is for me to focus on my form throughout my entire run and when it slips, you can hear it.  It sounds like pounding, slipping or skidding.

Additionally, I’m supposed to keep up the yoga and strength exercises we went over last week and check back next week; same bat time, same bat channel. 

Worst case scenario he’s going to hook me up with that fancy tape that the women beach volleyball players wear and show me how to correctly tape my legs for race day.  It won’t turn me into Kerri Walsh but it should do the trick if I need it to. 

I’m still hoping I won’t need it to.

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PT Visit #1 | The Diagnosis & 4-Week Plan

My knee hurts. 

A physical therapist confirmed it last Friday. 

Basically the diagnosis goes somewhat like this…my quads are rock stars and my glutes and hammies are not…yet.  Because I have neglected to include adequate strength training and yoga in my training program for this marathon, my quads are doing most of the work which is resulting in my knee caps getting pulled too much in the wrong direction.  (or something to that effect ;))

I’m also not wearing the shoes my physical therapist would recommend for long distance running.  He is coincidentally, also a ChiRunning instructor and is onboard with minimalist shoes BUT he advises wearing them for shorter road races, not marathons.  He says that the pounding your body experiences during a marathon necessitates support by a shoe with more padding.

So with 4 weeks left until 26.2 miles what’s a girl to do?!  Here comes those three little words every girl loves to hear…buy new shoes!

My physical therapist teaches correct running form using ChiRunning techniques, although that type of rehab program isn’t ideal given the timing of my marathon so we’re essentially going to treat it with a band-aid approach to get me through to October 9th.  Afterwards, I’ll back down on mileage and work with him to perfect my form, strength training exercises, yoga practice etc until I’m the most perfect runner ever! Or at least until I can be assured I’m running correctly and won’t incur additional injuries.

I have been given a regimen of exercises to do daily that will strengthen my core, hamstrings, and glutes – among other essential muscles I never learned the name of and have too many syllables to remember ;).   I’ll also have weekly appointments with my physical therapist during which we will go over (and add to) the strength exercises and my running form.  He’ll also spend about 20 – 30 minutes giving my legs the most painful deep-tissue massage on the planet.  Seriously.  I was so sore after my first appointment you would have thought I’d actually just run the marathon!

A couple of important tips I learned from my physical therapist:

  1. As your running increases in time and mileage, so should your strength training and yoga/stretching.  Otherwise, you just increase your chances for injury.
  2. Yoga is VERY important for runners.
  3. The benefits of yoga are cumulative, meaning that you will get more out of 10 minutes of practice every day than one hour every week.

PS – If you’re new to the blog, or just need a reminder…my favorite day of the year is just one month from today!!!

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Minimalism | Part I

I’ve been learning a lot about minimalism lately.  The concept is defined here in a post on one of the blogs I recently found.  Basically the idea is that by stripping away things that are not important in your life, you have more freedom to pursue and appreciate those that are.  Minimalists in general, tend to have fewer material possessions than most in Westernized societies, and often work outside of “corporate America”.  I’m not going to sleep on the floor or quit my job any time soon but the idea of de-cluttering my life to be able to focus more on the things that really matter to me, resonates with me and where I find myself now on my journey of self-discovery and evolution as a person.  On my death bed am I going to look back fondly on the number of facebook friends I accumulated or the outcomes of the various reality shows I watched?  Not so much.  (Unless you consider the 2010 Giants season a reality show, in which case, yes, yes I would definitely appreciate that ;))

Growing up, I conformed.  There, I said it!  I didn’t really know I was doing it at the time but I didn’t want to be an outcast, so I sort of learned to go along with the flow;  go along with what I thought I was supposed to do, what I was supposed to like, what I was supposed to say.  In my early 20s I started to feel the repercussions of that behavior.  I really had no idea who I was, what was important to me, what I wanted to do – which by the way is why I now believe that children should not necessarily go to college right after high school.  Minimalists challenge conventional ideas, which I can appreciate now.

Their decisions are made based on the value of the object, activity, relationship etc.  Value is obviously subjective, which makes sense.  We should choose objects, activities, jobs, relationships, because they really matter to us personally, because you’ve thought through the decision and you’re passionate about it, and not simply because they say so, everyone else is doing it or you think certain things are expected of you. 

“Do you know what a duvet is?…It’s a blanket. Just a blanket. Now why do guys like you and me know what a duvet is? Is this essential to our survival, in the hunter-gatherer sense of the word? No. What are we then?…We are consumers. We’re the byproducts of a lifestyle obsession.” – Tyler Durden, Fight Club

This lifestyle obsession leads to accumulation of life overhead, paying for all of your stuff – rent, bills, car payments, new technologies, monthly payments to access those technologies etc.  The more life overhead you have, the more you have to work and make to pay for it all; the higher risk there is to walk away or make a change.  And now, they’ve got you!  You’re now trapped in the cycle of working a job you don’t really want to work, to pay for all of the stuff you thought you needed.  But what if you really don’t need it?

This is why my couch is now in my dining room.

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even if they lost tonight and may not repeat, i still love the giants.

I may be done after this next marathon.  Not done with running, and certainly not done with racing, just done with the full marathon.  Sure, I’d love to run NY, and probably still will even after writing this post.  And yes, Boston would be a dream.  But the half marathon is just so much more fun!

My knee was killing me.  I didn’t eat beforehand.  I had a couple probably too many glasses of wine the night before.  My shirt definitely didn’t wick any moisture.  The finish line was too crowded with 10K runners.  But around mile 5 I gave Brian Wilson a high-five.  And when I entered the stadium, the crowd was going wild!

Plus I got a “Big Time Timmy Jim” bobble head.

Best. Race. Ever.

PS – Races page above has been updated.

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Odds & Ends

I’m back!  I had so many random thoughts running around in my head this morning I decided that another blog post before the weekend was necessary!  Necessary for me, maybe useless for you; but hopefully entertaining nonetheless!

I discovered this blog this morning.  Brilliant.  

Do you know what it’s like to pee after taking your vitamins with a lunch that included asparagus and beets?  I do.

I keep a bottle of tapatio in my desk at work.

 If the Director of IT at your workplace is also the commissioner of your fantasy football league, and he sends out emails and schedules meetings to figure out the draft order during work hours, can you really get in trouble for logging in to check your facebook from time to time?

I had so much fun in SF this past weekend that my voice is just now starting to return.  Based on the reaction in Sac, I’m going to guestimate that it may be socially unacceptable to lose your voice as an adult from too much fun.  Everyone thought I was sick.  I corrected them.  😉

Do you know what happens when your public speaking event goes well?  MORE public speaking!  yikes.

I roll a tennis ball up and down the bottoms of my feet while sitting at my desk at work.

I learned a new fun word today: automagically. 

I prefer most leftovers cold.

We’ve been living in Sac for a little over 4 months now and while visiting SF last weekend I had a revelation.  When we moved, I thought I’d miss the park, the restaurants, easily accessible (and entertaining) public transportation etc.  I was wrong.  What makes SF so great, what I miss so much, I realized, is the people.  All of them.  Our friends, the bus drivers, the hippie hill hipsters, The Chef’s homeless friend Eddie who lives in our old neighborhood, the servers in restaurants (so much nicer by the way in SF than Sac), etc.  I wanted to do nothing more really than spend time with our friends and amongst the amazingly diverse, energetic people of SF.  Plus I gave Brian Wilson a high-five.  That was fun too. 😉

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the good, the bad & the beard.

Hi Friends!

How was your August?!  I can’t believe it’s almost September…and THAT means it’s almost BETHTOBER!  The bad news is…this year seems to be flying by BUT the good news is…it’s almost BETHTOBER!

I actually have a lot of good news for you today, accompanied by, unfortunately a little bad news as well… 

We are in the process of moving into our new house!  BUT that requires a lot of unpacking, cleaning, and organizing that I don’t seem to have time for right now.

Our new house has a lot of amenities that our place in SF didn’t have BUT we realized after our first night sleeping there that we have no cell phone service.

I ran the most fun half marathon ever this past weekend and have some cute pictures to share from the finish in AT&T Park BUT we have no internet service at the new house yet either so I’ll have to wait a week or two to post the recap.

During the half marathon I gave Brian Wilson a high-five BUT about two miles afterwards my knee started giving out on me again.

We started a running club at my work and my company is sponsoring us to run the CIM Marathon/Relay in December BUT I’m not sure how my knee will hold up after the BETHTOBER marathon.  (At this point, I’m not even sure how my knee will hold up during the Bethtober marathon…BUT I have an appointment with a physical therapist next week so I’ll keep you posted.)

I love football and was invited to play in my first fantasy football league this season!  There’s no “BUT” on this one, I’m stoked to beat the boys!

I can’t wait to share more of the fun details and pictures with you guys BUT we’re going out of town to Sea Ranch for Labor Day weekend, so until next week!

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What a range of emotions I went through these past two months!

I can’t do it.

Yes, I can.

I don’t want to do it.

Yes, I do.

 It’ll be great for me professionally and personally.  Besides, I have to do it now.


Wow, I’ve waited so long to get started, now I’ve back myself into a corner.  Stop being nervous and get going!

Maybe this won’t turn out so badly after all.  I know this material and plus, I think I’m funny.

Should I use a picture of Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin each wearing “I’m with stupid” shirts?  Maybe that’s not appropriate representation for my company.

I’ve got this.

And I did.  The presentation at the seminar went really well this morning!

The audience was engaged, asking questions, taking notes.  I didn’t mess anything up, sounded confident and stayed on time.

Plus, everyone else thought I was just as funny as I did. 😉

Now I’m going to run off all of this pent up adrenaline!

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